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for Progress

Mission: to realize positive and sustainable local change in our Livingston County communities through organizing and advocating.

Vision: to support and create a community that is welcoming, sustainable and accessible to all.

Looking to the future

The 2022 General Election was another disappointment for our local progressive candidates. It's unlikely we'll see any change in local elections until we start making changes in our own behavior. Coming off this election and its momentum we need to be proactive and organize ourselves effectively. When injustice strikes we will be ready with a plan of action. Only by sticking together will we overcome the inequities that plague our area, one of the most affluent counties in the State of Michigan. 

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Community Goals


1. Create and enhance community gathering places and events


2. Support, educate and empower young people, women, LGBTQ & neurodivergent

4. Conserve our beautiful natural landscape and protect from polluters

Job interview

3. Connect and support those lacking financial resources

Business Owner in Workshop

5. Encourage and support small, locally owned businesses


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If you were disappointed at the local results of the last election you are not alone. As engaged residents we must take action immediately to work toward our goals and restore our democracy. We need our like-minded community members to engage with every governing body, community organization, non-profit, and social group in Livingston County.


The forums featured on this site are intended for community communication and reporting purposes. We can get the straight facts on local happenings and be proactive and somewhat unified in our approach to rebuilding connections within the county and supporting our most vulnerable neighbors. 

Let us know if you'd like to be part of this movement - we'd love to have you! 

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